Mega Alberto Cousins


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A troll platformer made for the Ludum Dare 35 72-hour game development jam.

Welcome to the magical world of Mega Alberto Cousins! We hope you're not prone to seizures, and that you enjoy the ride!

MAC is a Mario-like platformer with a twist -- the textures of everything (the environment, enemies, even YOU!) change every time you jump. You'll have to find your way through each map by trial, error, and memorization.

Scores are uploaded to

Programmed in GDevelop (And we regret it -- it's a buggy and unreliable mess! We know this game is a bit lame, and we fully direct blame to this tool's crap-ness and squid's inability to follow directions or do work! ;) )

Check out the design work and assets on our file server.

Check out the source code on our code repository.


Code is distributed under the ISC license, and graphics under the CC BY license. See COPYING for details.